Thursday, January 28, 2010

Videos Xxxx Gratis How To Put Home Videos Onto A Psp???

How to put home videos onto a psp??? - videos xxxx gratis

I have know idea!



  1. For video downloads directly to your PSP check out

  2. First you need to copy your home videos to your computer via a USB cable or connect a USB port on your PSP bluetooth.Then, go to the USB from the PSP menu and you'll be on your PC, you copy.Go click menu. Right see PSP to transfer home-click video, video, and on the menu on the PSP and PC paste.Remove click on the USB drive and voila.

  3. PSP can play MP4. If you have your videos the right videos, you can directly to PSP with PSP Manager. If the video is not the right way, you need to convert video formats to PSP MP4: ...

  4. Firstly, because the house with a video converter software, VCD or DVD to PSP video .. Online surfing for free software for this purpose ...
    then through a USB connection to copy / paste the converted videos on your PC to the VIDEO folder of your PSP ..
    Hope this helps ...

  5. LB The Definition of LovleyJanuary 30, 2010 at 10:58 PM

    Although there are several free converters, from my experience - does not work.
    The best I found the converter Movavi. It is a cost involved, but not much and you can use to convert videos to iPod PSP, etc.

  6. I know it sounds strange, because this site is primarily for the PSP firmware CFW and unofficial use, but have a video converter for free on the main page for each PSP.

    If not there, scroll, down, and click on the next page.